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"The Rosie Project" - this book is a delight. Nice to read something that makes me smile, especially with the daily news that has to be absorbed these days.

I never did finish "Another Brooklyn." Just got involved with non-fiction pages, and reading fiction other than on my e-book has become more and more difficult for me. And truth is, I wasn't into AB enough to download it to the kindle.

Dreamwidth has just sent out a detailed instruction email to welcome the new LJ members leaving that venue in favor of a non-Russian based platform. I'll take advantage of that and play catch-up on my own knowledge. I've been lax in getting to know this wonderful place, though I've had a presence here for years. Since I've now abandoned FB for the most part it seems the DW email has arrived at just the right time. I'll review it as soon as I've got quarterly work deadlines out of the way.


Feb. 4th, 2017 10:03 am
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Well, the computers are finally cleared of malware. And maybe it shouldn't, but it has made me more cautious of where I surf online.

There is no doubt I will love this site a lot more once I can easily post pictures straight from my computer to Dreamwidth. I wonder how much longer that day is in coming...

So, Books.

My latest bathtub read is “Another Brooklyn” by Jacqueline Woodson. She begins, “For a long time, my mother wasn’t dead yet.” How luscious is that?! I read slowly, because it’s so juicy, in this morning’s tub. I got to page 17. Though I still adore my e-reader, I am moving back into paper books as well. I picked up this one in Mendocino, on my birthday, and it’s taken me this long to begin. Bathtubs help the reading of paper books. I think I’m going to start a list of special 2017 books. Now I have two on it already. "The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After" and "Another Brooklyn." There is a third too that goes in the enchanting category – my present kindle read… "Three Souls."
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I will be very happy when I can add pictures easily here. I wonder when that will happen. I spent the whole morning getting rid of malware and setting up a privacy wall. There were three computers attached to mine - one in Atlanta, one in Dallas, and one in China. Creepy Crampi. And do you know how they got into my PC? Through Live Journal. Yep. Been hanging out with me for a long time - but I didn't get a high alert until this morning.
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I wanted to insert a photo from my files but it seems I can't do that here. Too bad. For icons I can browse my files, but not for a photo?

Power was out for nine hours yesterday. All daylight hours so it wasn't terrible. Still, I realize what I lousy pioneer I would have made. A bit of a lag here before the next storm approaches. Good. Going to take a walk into town; mail some letters and hang/write in a local café for a while.

Jobs begin coming in tomorrow so I'll be tied to my desk for the next few weeks.
Restarting Tai Chi with a group tomorrow. Restarting Mahjongg class on Thursday. Going to attempt to be good and get to the gym on Wednesday and Friday.


Jan. 7th, 2017 05:51 pm
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My little town is going to flood tomorrow. The fire department has little doubt. The flood horn will blast 5 times, pause, 5 times, pause, 5 times. It means that those of us close enough to hear should move to higher ground. A good friend of mine lives up the street in a studio apartment on top of a garage. If I run into trouble I can try to get there. But I think I'll be okay. My street runs parallel to main street the creek flows into, but I think the block between will be enough to keep us dry.

This has happened before. Main Street has become a ten foot high river. Nothing new, really, though the events are rare. Which is better, years of drought or many deluges of rain and wind in too short a time? Are our days of "a little of this, a little of that" over?
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Even though I have a permanent account at LJ, I am seriously considering deletion.
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A dear old friend placed hearts on my last entry here - and that in itself has gotten me back again. I like that she's reading my journal once in a while. I can say that about both the friends who have commented here. There are some whom visit me in other journals, that I would prefer to not be here. Is that petty and egocentric of me? Maybe. But guess what? Here I get to be as petty as I want - and egocentric as well. It doesn't mean I don't want to make new friends. I am ordinarily welcoming, though an introvert.

I only have a few minutes now but I want to talk about the illusion of Perfection - a common dis-ease for me. When something doesn't go as I set it up for myself... when flexibility is called for... when the Beatles old lament, "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans" hits, I go into stress. Stress causes physical reactions. Did you know that an overflow of histamine is a reactive body response to stress?

Of course I set up this week for abundant Perfection. My schedule was a thing of beauty to see --- on paper. But last night, before Monday even surfaced, two texts turned that plan all to hell and back. And the walk back was no fun at all. It required deep breaths and closed eyes before I responded to the texts. Both asked me to do things I love - a day with my granddaughter, a late tea or early dinner with a good friend. But it meant the perfect plan had to be adjusted... which meant to my habitual self that my Perfection for the week was thwarted before it even began. And on the first week of this brand new year! And the year is the universal cycle of 'One'. Just past the very turmoil-filled universal '9' year - 2016. I don't even want to say 2016 ever again.

But here's the thing. One of the big lessons for me is to reduce stress I didn't even know I had. Because it came from my Perfection not panning out. I didn't recognize it. And though I've known for years that attaining the "Art of Imperfection" was a worthy goal, I just could not get myself to bite in. Last night I did bite in. I graciously accepted both the advent of a day with my beloved granddaughter in the middle of this week and tea-time at a local café with my friend this very afternoon. Then I carefully rearranged my Perfect schedule, realizing that it might or it might not work out. And either way is okay.
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I opened this journal in 2010 and attempted to start using it in 2011. I'm not surprised that I went back to LJ. At that time there were so many friends posting there; but such is not the case this year - and I feel less and less attached to the site. With the recent election and results, I feel turned off by all things Russian, including the fact that LJ is domiciled there. I was an early adapter... and have allowed myself, until November of this year, to close my eyes to changes of ownership.

I'm not sure how I'll use this journal. In a way it feels like a wide open book - no attitudes, and I don't even remember - besides E - who I have here as friends. I guess when I finish this entry I'll go "organize" and decide on any changes I want to make.

So who am I today? I moved back to California 4.5 years ago, back to Marin County. I'm glad to be here - back home really. I haven't worked on any writing projects in years, though I still hand-journal for about 90 minutes every morning. And I keep a private journal on One Note as well. So what am I doing here? I don't know. Perhaps I'll just meander through my own mind with no purpose at all.

I know I have a few personal intentions for 2017. To exercise more. To eat better. And yes, those seem to be on the list every year! I want to work on my writing projects again, and now would be a good time to do that. I've cut back on my accounting practice. I now have big chunks of time on my own. I'm hoping I hold to the intention of writing projects every afternoon when there are no jobs to take care of.

I want to work on my numerology manuscript. And my short stories in the magic realism genre. And revise the 1st draft novel ms with a more satisfying 2nd draft.

I once asked a respected colleague if he thought I was too rigid. He said, "well, you boots do seem to be laced a bit tight." So I loosened them - to the point of no laces at all. But today I want to put the laces back in, put more structure in place. It's the only way I can turn any of my intentions into actions.

Well, one thing for sure. Because I feel as if I'm alone here I can meander without worrying about judgments falling on my head. May it remain so.
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I think I'm giving up on LJ for now. I can't get in at all - it's as if the death-bell is ringing and we're all just not hearing it. It's not as if I have that much to say, except for complaining about LJ. I don't miss getting in to write but I do miss getting in to check out friends page and see what's going on with everyone.

So what's going on with me... next week my DIL and two year-old granddaughter arrive on my doorstep for five days. Still have to get to ToysRUs and pick up a big wheel so the little one will have a ride - for around the block and going to the park. Also sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Picked up a Calico Critters bunny family and a little cottage for them to live in.

The jobs are done - and I've got an inordinate amount of free time - more time off than time on for the next two months. So I picked up my bead-weaving projects again, and I'm working on the current manuscript again. Time to workout, time to hike, time to see Thor on IMAX next weekend. Time to get groceries and toddler-proof the house.
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Well, here I am. I will try to develop this site - but I don't want to just copy posts from LJ over. Feels like cheating to me. I want to develop dreamwidth in and of itself.

Took a Zumba class this week, and really loved it. Lots of fun - and that's new for me. I haven't simply allowed myself dancing-fun in a very long time. Like a fish to water though, I grinned my way through the whole class.

I met a lady there who divides her time - winters in Palo Alto and leave Eugene behind for 10 degrees more warmth in the darkest dreariest months. She works as I do - self employed and can do her work on a computer anywhere. So she rents a little apartment down there and keeps a computer down there - and has the Eugene and PA computers networked. I could do that in Marin -- it's a thought. That's all it is right now, just a thought, but definitely a titillating one.
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I think it's time to develop this site. Look at the few friends I have here and begin expanding to others that are here from my community that I've not yet friend-ed. LJ seems to be getting glitch-stronger with less time between. This morning I can't get there - not even through Google.

So there's choice now. Start anew is not a choice. Facebook doesn't suit me - I don't want a 'social network.' And I want to keep a journal, not a blog. I don't want to entertain people - at least I certainly don't want that to be my purpose.

Blogs are for entertaining or selling. I want to write as I'm doing now - just blither on and have the community I've gathered over the last ten years read my blither-blather or not. I want to be here so I guess I better get to know this site better.

One thing for sure - I trust it. The people behind Dreamwidth are solid and caring and hard workers. All to my benefit. The only thing missing is my community. :-(
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Airline tickets confirmed - check
Eugene shuttle set up - check
Oakland to Marin shuttle set up - check
Hotel reservation confirmed - check
Hertz rental reserved - check
Meetings and work schedule set up - check

I love crossing things off my list. I found an iphone app I love for lists. It's called 2Do - and I used the free version for a month (limited) and liked it so much I paid the price for the full-on version. My personal life has now gone completely paperless and I couldn't be more pleased.
Personal journal - I use Word now instead of spiral paper pages.
Reading - mostly downloads on Kindle.
Lists - thank you, iphone.
Even my daily Sudoku game is now in app form.

Sometimes I still like to send written cards to friends because it shows the care I want to give. And at my desk - I still work with a pen close by.
And I still print out and edit my writing by hand.

Ten years ago, when I first came to Live Journal, I only business-worked with a screen. Now my life *is* a screen. And I'm as thankful as my ancestors must have been when they could throw their heavy clay tablets away and make use of paper.
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Well, not sure I'll be using this journal, but do feel it's time to get on here and make a post again. Someday this might be it - best I get used to using it.

Linda was here from Malibu this last week and so the shower had it's first client. Worked out well, and the vast guilt of 'house without shower' for American guests left me.

Added my second LJ friend here. Guess I'll do a little cruising and see who else is here.
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Maybe I can be funny. It seems a stretch but who knows.
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I should work - two jobs need to get out by Monday afternoon, but bah - I don't want to. Lucky for me, the boss is me. So I think I'll call a 'Clash of the Titans' holiday. Who knows - maybe I'll have some reading-mates by the time I get back. I filtered to less than twenty in LJ and let them know I'm here. Are they?
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Time to begin a new journal.
First step - let others know I've moved and how to find me.
Second step - decide how I want to use this format.


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